Believe it or Not,

Every woman should have her own secret box of boudoir accessories that only she knows how to masterfully use to create unforgettable experiences. 



About Us


Our mission is to inspire women to give into their powerful feminine imagination by using thoughtfully composed box with accessories to manifest their fantasies and create unforgettable romantic experiences for herself and her partner. 

We believe that the journey throughout life should be adventurous and full of great memories because at the end of the day it is all that really matters. 

"When we first got the Box we didn't know what to expect but we were excited to try something new. We've been married for three years and a half and together for five and we put a lot of effort into constantly growing our relationship in every way. 



The Box itself looks very beautiful and elegant, is of high quality and you definitely feel luxurious and sexy using the various items included. It was a perfect match and actually exceeded our expectations. It gave us the confidence to explore things."


Jonathan 33, married

"I have been looking for a box with boudoir accessories for a very long time. Some of those things that I found were either too cheap or too expensive. I was very happy when my friend suggested me to check out Zoe & Alexandra. It very affordable couples kit with beautiful accessories and fun scenarios to play with my partner. I definitely recommend as a gift for Anniversary or any other romantic occasion... " 







Nadia 33, married

"Great sexy buy. Very much enjoyed this Box with my partner. Priced just perfect while being the right amount of items in a set. The red feather was fantastic if you ever been feathered before you will notice the difference. The dice were great and the game created just the right amount of tension to get us ready to indulge in some delicious time together. My girl wore the golden chain and she looked like a goddess, the minute I locked eyes with her I knew I had to worship her every curve and it really forced my excitement to the most intimate places." 



Greg 35, long term relationship