What makes our gifts special?


Zoe & Alexandra romantic gifts are designed with the mission to make the partnered experience fun and exciting. Its focus is delivering emotional and physical pleasure to each other without direct stimulation. Therefore, our gifts don't have any toys.


What do our gifts include?


Our gifts contain several boudoir accessories (different for each box) that complete the 12 romantic scenarios. The instructions will guide you through each unique scenario, explain how to use all the items in the Box and how to act out each scenario. Some scenarios are intended to create as a surprise experience, while others are meant to be read and acted out together.

Please take your time and enjoy one scenario at a time. This way you can play all 12 scenarios in 12 weeks (one special night per week) or in 12 months (one special night per month).


What to do after opening the box?


The first thing the partners should do after opening the box is to review the cards describing the scenarios and choose which one to act out first. Pick the items out of the box assigned by the selected scenario i.e. red fishnet, blindfold, etc. Then simply follow the instructions with confidence and bravado and have fun!


What is our Box good for?


The Box is good for special occasions, as well as any night the partners want to make special; a romantic getaway, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, honeymoons or St. Valentine's Day. It is an invitation to explore and have some fun with your partner.




We believe that open, clear communication is the key to pleasurable experiences. This is why each scenario invites you into a discussion with your partner as the last step in the scenario to discuss what you both liked and didn’t like about the experience afterward. It is important to follow through to the end.