Why does foreplay matter?

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

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is an integral part of the whole lovemaking experience. While  spontaneous sex without foreplay can sometimes be an amazing sexual experience, in general, good sexual encounters mean mastering the foreplay. It is not about pressing the right buttons in the right order. It is about understanding what makes your partner get sexually excited and delivering those things that turn the experience into an intense mutual pleasure.

Men who cuddle and kiss their partners and know how to enjoy sensitive foreplay will often find that their partners will not only enjoy sexual intercourse more, but will also see them reach orgasm more easily. Most women need prolonged stimulation in order to reach a state of complete arousal, and foreplay will provide them with the required stimulation. It is a well known fact that most women need a longer time than a man to get up to the level of arousal needed to orgasm. That is where the foreplay serves a physical and emotional purpose, helping prepare both mind and body for sex.

"The foreplay serves a physical and emotional purpose, helping prepare both mind and body for sex"

Once the sexual act is over, new foreplay starts right away. The crucial role of the foreplay here is what partners learn about each other through joined feedback. This is why each scenario designed by Zoe & Alexandra invites partners into a discussion about what they both liked and didn’t like about the foreplay experience. Just because something was effective as foreplay last night doesn't mean the same thing will work tonight again. Partners should constantly check in with each other after each new sexual foreplay.

"Foreplay helps to maintain physical and emotional intimacy"

Sexual activity can become monotonous at some point and, to some extent, boring . The ritual of getting bare in seconds and doing the job can get repetitive and take the excitement about sexual intercourse away. Especially for couples who are in a long-term relationships. They will need to work harder each time to keep the "fire burning". Foreplay can serve as a good way to break the monotony in sexual intercourse. Invite some adventure into your sexual life. Don’t be afraid to experiment with Foreplay Ideas, Lingerie, Boudoir Accessories. A Fantasy Kit is one of the great ways to diversify the bedroom fun. It will help you to start this journey by giving you scenarios with playful directions to the world of continues pleasure.

Foreplay helps to maintain physical and emotional intimacy. Not only is foreplay a great way to enhance sexual experience for both partners, it can also improve the relationship outside of the bedroom.  Kissing, caressing, touching, massaging, licking during the foreplay not only builds up the sexual tension and arousal, but also helps partners to bond.  During foreplay and intercourse, the brain floods the body with hormones and neurochemicals, especially oxytocin, which is best known as the ‘love hormone’—and with good reason. Oxytocin decreases feelings of stress and dramatically increases feelings of trust, security, bonding, and love. Skin to skin touching triggers the release of these hormones, making stripping down with your partner one of the quickest and easiest ways  to strengthen the connection.

Showing affection after sex is essential as showing it before and during sex. Afterplay has also been given utmost importance in recent times. We will discuss this in our future posts.





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Disclaimer: The content material is only informative and academic in nature and shouldn’t be construed as medical recommendation.

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