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Updated: Jan 9, 2019

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Having sex isn’t all about sexual intercourse. Foreplay is something that has its own importance, when it comes to getting and giving maximum pleasure in bed, and the afterplay is responsible for emotional bonding when sensitivity is high and physical intimacy is emboldened.

Afterplay doesn’t have to be more sex. It can come in the form of snuggling, taking a bath together, cuddling, kissing, or simply touching.  The moments after sex are moments of vulnerability. Post-coital depression is when a partner feels empty or unhappy after intercourse. Afterplay is important in situations like this as it can reassure the partner through fondling touch and intimacy.

"The moments after sex are moments of vulnerability"

How should you afterplay? That depends on a couple. Many people prefer just cuddling and snuggling that can bring intense psychological satisfaction and get partners for another shared intimacy whether it’s a sexual intercourse or an intimate talk.

You don’t have to force yourself try to stay awake for another hour just to cuddle and make your partner feel good. Afterplay can be 5 to 15 minutes and falling asleep in each other arms will be the best finale of the night. There are few other things you can do for afterplay:

1. Taking a shower together

Either taking a hot aroma bath together or joining your partner for a quick clean up after sex gives you the time to bond as both relax without any pressure to have intercourse.

2. Giving each other massage

It doesn’t have to be one hour full body massage with oil, hot stones, and fancy techniques. Lightly caressing your partner’s back or gently massaging his/her shoulders and arms will make a perfect afterplay. What important is showing your affection and appreciation to your partner, that will boost confidence and help couples become more open to new ideas.

3. Feedback

Going through the act and talking to your partner about which part you liked best is the key to understanding each others likes and dislikes. The communication will empower you to enhance future performances creating a better, deeper physical and emotional bond.

“Sex should be fun, not a performance. In fact, the Eskimos call sex the “laughing time”

4. Spooning

Spooning and simply cuddling after sex is a way to maintain physical connection and create a bond. It doesn’t involve any pressure to have sex and lets people feel close.

Whatever you do during an afterplay it should be fun. After all, afterplay is a play. According to sex therapist Dr. Shirley Zussman, “Sex should be fun, not a performance. In fact, the Eskimos call sex the “laughing time”.




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Disclaimer: The content material is only informative and academic in nature and shouldn’t be construed as medical recommendation.

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