The Science behind the sheer lace

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What is lingerie and what is it for? Is it just a fancy underwear type of clothes or it is something that is more just a clothes? Most people would agree with me that lingerie isn’t just a simple undergarments. It has a special sexual vibe about it that is hard to avoid. When we think about sex we automatically imagine sexy outfits whether it’s a classic lingerie or more explicit kinky outfits. It is interesting how tiny intricate pieces of lace seduce men’s mind and lure to the world of fantasy and ecstatic pleasure. This effect on the mind is very easily explained - sex starts in the brain and triggered by visual stimulation. So what is it exactly that gives lingerie such a “power” and why is it so important to wear sexy lingerie both in the bedroom and outside the bedroom?

Lingerie and confidence.

Yes, women do not only buy lingerie to impress their man, but also just for themselves! Why? Because it makes women feel more sensual and desirable when they are wearing sheer pieces. It puts the mind in a special mood and expels sexual vibes to the outside world. Women are more sexually attractive for some reason when they feel confident. This confidence can come from lingerie or nice smoothly shaved legs. Doesn’t matter. Every detail counts!  

“Lingerie is the superhero costume underneath her clothes,” according to Ali Cudby, a lingerie industry expert and CEO of Fab Foundations in Washington D.C. “It makes her Wonder Woman. Knowing that lingerie is on is a secret from the world. By wearing lingerie it sends a message [to yourself] that you are awesome. So everything that you decide to do that day gets dipped into awesome sauce.”

Lingerie and fantasy

“Woman in sheer black stockings” is a common fantasy of many men. So acting his or her fantasy out will definitely have a positive effect on the relationship. But don’t limit yourself only with lace pieces. If you go with a certain roleplay, also try fishnets, body chains, latex, pasties, edible lingerie. Let yourself be creative in your fantasies and share them with your partner so that you both can have fun sexual experience.

Lingerie and passion

The very first thing that comes to mind when we think about “spicing up the relationship” is lingerie. Tiny pieces do have that power of bringing the passion back (if it’s lost) or making the passion more intense. Strappings, garter belts, lace, red or black – all of that will do well. After having been married for years, there’s nothing better than spicing up the evening with a surprise like that. When you are just starting with the relationship, sexy lingerie will showcase the best sides of your body and will make your partner desire you even more. Though understandably the bedroom life shouldn’t revolve around just sexy lingerie, it won’t hurt to make some little surprises now and then. Your lover will thank you with a steamy night!

People are visual beings and there’s no shame in providing a bit of eye candy to your partner. So keep the lights on and let the show go on!

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